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Making the switch to renewable energy simple, affordable and accessible.

Climateshield Solar is the UK’s leading supplier and installer of industrial and public
sector solar projects.

When it comes to solar, we’re simply the most professional and
trusted name around, offering a total solution to ensure your new solar system is designed,
installed, tested and maintained to the best possible standards.

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30+ years in Solar And Renewable Energy

Our team are experienced in all levels of your solar journey. From initial enquiry to installation, our team are with you every step of the way.


Pride in our performace

At Climateshield Solar we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced design and project optimisation services, such that your investment payback period is minimised.

It’s usually as short as 4-5 years, but we always view the relationship with our customers as longer term.

Our equipment is of the highest quality, and typically comes with a 25-year performance warranty.

You can rest easy knowing that we’ll keep your investment working at optimal capacity for at least 20 years of free power generation.

Our mission is to provide the best.

Given their lifespan, we envisage our systems being handed down to the next generation as a lasting legacy of your proud commitment to a smarter business and greener future.

So why not join thousands of others and contact us today?

Within a few days we’ll complete an initial virtual survey and deliver a thorough financial assessment of potential savings for your business!


Solar leads the way

Solar energy continued to lead capacity expansion, with an increase of 133 GW (+19%), followed by wind energy with 93 GW (+13%). Hydropower capacity increased by 19 GW (+2%) and bioenergy by 10 GW (+8%). Geothermal energy increased by 1.6 GW. Solar and wind energy continued to dominate renewable capacity expansion, jointly accounting for 88% of all net renewable additions in 2021.

Solar Energy Capacity Expansion %
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Wind Energy Capacity Expansion %
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Bioenergy Capacity Expansion %
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Hydropower Energy Capacity Expansion %
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To find out more about the savings you could make, give us a call on 0333 444 2501.

Or fill in the contact form with details of your enquiry and we’ll get back to you.

There are three ways to fund a solar installation:

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Asset Finance
Capital Purchase
But which is the best for you?

Following the install you will be shown how to use and monitor the Solar PV system and made aware of all relevant details regarding ongoing Climateshield Solar monitoring, maintenance and support.

Once a customer approves the project we will continue with the process for Planning and District Network Operator (DNO) approval as applicable.

This process can take up to 45 days to complete and will be managed by Climateshield Solar.

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