Are your bills rising? Here’s how Infrared Heating can help your business!

Over the past decade companies have researched greener ways of working.

Compared to Germany and France, the UK is only now looking at alternative methods of heating that are cost effective.

Are your bills rising? Here’s how Infrared Heating can help your business!

Far Infrared heating works by warming up objects such as walls, floors, furniture and even people’s bodies. Go out on a sunny day and put your hand on the pavement and you will feel the warmth. This is radiant heat, although you can lose the far in the name for ease!

It is completely safe. We experience it every day, whether that’s from direct sunlight or the warmth we feel from a surface.

Why use Infrared Heat?

Infrared heating is one of the most cost-effective heating systems available, efficiently converting electrical energy into far-infrared heat.

IR keeps you nice and warm in exactly the same way the sun works and it doesn’t waste energy and money by heating empty spaces.

It heats objects and people directly (and first) ensuring that you feel the warmth much quicker than you do with convection-based heating systems such as central heating or electric radiators.

How does Infrared Heating Work?

Infrared heat works exactly like the world’s largest natural heater, the sun.

The rays of the sun heat the objects that they hit – rather than the air.

It is easy to feel the difference between having the rays hit your body and when they stop (just like when the sun is blocked by a cloud).

Benefits of Infrared Heating

Efficient – Up to twice as efficient as other heating systems.

Environmental – Almost zero energy wastage and emission-free.

Easy to install – Simple wall or ceiling mounted with no pipes.

Discrete – Easy on the eye.

Instant – IR heating acts very quickly.

Versatile – link this with solar panels for further cost reductions

The chances are that you have been in a room recently that has infrared heating, but you haven’t quite realised it.

In truth, the technology has been around for a while but has been largely ignored by owners of businesses who have generally opted for more traditional convection systems like hot water radiators and central boilers or air con units.

With everyone becoming more in tune with green technologies, however, the infrared heater is gaining support as an economical and clean way to keep a business warm.

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