Electricity bill gone through the roof? Here’s how to fix it!

For most businesses, the ultimate measure of success is profitability.

In order to achieve their profit goals, businesses need to carefully manage their expenses while ensuring keeping their prices attractive for their customers.

So when your electricity bill has gone through the roof – here’s how to fix it!

One of the critical factors that affects the profitability of a business is operational expenses. 

For many businesses, the biggest overhead expense is their electric utility bill.

How does your business deal with rising electricity bills?

With bills rocketing, there is something you can do about that rising electricity bill – install solar with battery storage. And at Climateshield Solar we can be with you every step of the way.

Running air conditioners, lights, refrigeration, and computers are all integral parts of most businesses — they simply can’t function without them.

Unfortunately, not using them to lower energy usage to lower costs is not an option.

By installing commercial solar on their roofs, businesses can begin to produce their own energy.

This is a great start to reducing your energy bill – but that on its own is not enough

How can battery storage systems help your business?

To really see the savings on operational costs, businesses need solar with battery storage.

With a battery energy storage system, businesses can not only produce their own energy, but they can also store their excess energy for later use to maximise savings.

Solar panels generate energy in almost any daylight hours, usually the most productive is during the six months of spring to summer.  

With solar battery storage, you can store the extra energy you produce during the day and use it throughout the evening.

It can also be stored, credited, and used during the summer months when air conditioning usage and the summer cost is highest.

If you’d like to find out more about solar panels and battery storage solutions, and how you can save money on your electricity bills – and possibly even earn money, get in touch with our team today on 0333 444 2501 or email us at gosolar@climateshieldsolar.co.uk