Infared Heating



Infrared heaters convert 100% of the electricity they consume into heat, making them one of the most efficient heating solutions on the market. Another thing that makes infrared more efficient than some other heating methods is that users can ‘zone’ their heating. Zoning infrared heating systems basically means users can place panels in a strategical way to heat rooms that have high ceilings, are poorly insulated, or have draughty areas.

What's Different?

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How FIR Works

Panels are hung up on the walls or ceilings, much like pictures, which channel heat to specific areas of the business property. Unlike modern radiators, these panels only take about 90 seconds to heat up fully. If you already have solar panels fixed to your roof, all you need to do is get an installer to connect infrared panels to the electrical circuit, and you’ll be benefiting straight away!

Benefits Of Infrared Heating

Did You Know?

Infrared panels look better than a traditional heater – they can be turned into mirrors, wall art, or even put out of the way onto the ceiling. They can also be placed into the ceiling grids.