Why you should install a solar EV charging point in your business

Are you thinking of putting a solar EV charging point in your business?

The EV (electric vehicle) revolution has begun. The UK government has announced that new petrol and diesel vehicles will be banned from sale by 2030.

EVs and charging facilities are becoming a vital part of the infrastructure for commuting staff and fleet vehicles.

Solar carports are a dynamic solution, transforming your car parking facilities and visibly meeting sustainability targets.

These weatherproof structures provide sheltered, well-lit car parking, security, and dedicated EV charging locations.

There are already many benefits to adding a charging station for your employees and customers to charge, but before long, it will simply be an essential requirement.

How much does a charging station cost?

Long term, we believe it will cost more not to install an EV Charging Station.

It’s obviously important to look at how the project will impact your bottom line.

However, it is equally critical to consider what it will cost you not to do it.

When trying to determine the cost of electric car charging stations, it’s essential to know the various elements that contribute to your total expenses.

How is it funded?

Much will depend on your unique business needs and situation. What’s right for your business will depend on your size and the needs of your employees and customers.

The good news is that Climateshield Solar can help you navigate all of these questions and get a firm idea of how much your car charging stations will cost before you move forward with your project.

We can also help you find ways to keep these costs as manageable as possible.

Some of the most significant factors in electric car charging station costs are location and quantity.

In terms of location, the closer you can put your charging stations to the electrical panel, the less it will cost you. Quantity isn’t quite as simple, but your per-station cost tends to decrease as you install more stations.

The goal is to find the right quantity to match how much charging infrastructure you can afford to add to keep your per-station cost as efficient as possible.

And don’t forget, there are substantial Government and grant funding schemes available.

If you carefully plan out your project and have a clear idea of the scope of work, that will also help you determine which subsidies best fit your plan.

If you’d like to find out more about EV charging points, solar panels, and battery storage solutions and how you can save money on your electricity bills – and possibly even earn money, get in touch with our team today on 0333 444 2501 or email us at gosolar@climateshieldsolar.co.uk