Your Solar Journey


We lead in Public Sector and Industrial Solar installations

Climateshield Solar is a supplier of industrial and commercial solar projects throughout UK.

Building on our roofing expertise at Climateshield roofing we will use the same operational excellence and safety performance to design, install, test and maintain your solar system.

We only use commercial grade system components and monitoring technologies so are able to offer industry leading 25 year performance guarantees on all our installations.

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Your Customer Journey

Eight steps to solar

From enquiry to installation, the process is simple and customer friendly.

Take a look at what will happen on your Climateshield Solar customer journey.

1 - Required Information

As a first step, Climateshield Solar will establish the following basic details with you:
► Site address including postcode and pinpoint or outline the building(s) on a Google Earth image
► Do you own the freehold
► The unit cost for electricity and their annual electricity usage

2 - Desktop Survey & Illustration

From the data gathered from step 1, we will provide you with the following within 5 working days:
► The potential size of a suitable system
► Associated cost of the proposed system
► ROI for a Capex, lease and free funding / payment options
► Estimated savings of your electricity bill

3 - Site Survey

Once confirmed that you are keen to progress, site survey is arranged usually within 5 working days.
We will then:
► Establish the exact areas Solar PV system could be installed
► Survey at any structural issues with the building(s)
► Analyse all design possibilities to maximise ROI and output
► Identify any possible obstacles or areas of concern that could affect the final proposed solution.

4 - Proposal

Following the Site survey we will deliver a proposal detailing the optimized technical solution along with the associated costs and ROI for a Capex, lease and free funding models.
This step typically takes less than 5 working days depending on the project size.

5 - Planning & DNO

Once a customer approves the project we will continue with the process for Planning and District Network Operator (DNO) approval as applicable.

The DNO approval process can take up to 45 days to complete and will be managed by Climateshield Solar.

6 - Funding Agreement

If the customer chooses a PPA funded or a Finance Lease Agreement model, they will need to sign an agreement with the funder / financial institution.

7 - Installation

Once Stages 5 and 6 are completed then an installation date is agreed . Project risk assessments will be prepared and sent to the customer for approval.

Customers should allow at least 10 working days before an installation can take place.

8 - Sign off & Handover

Following the install the customer will be shown how to use and monitor the Solar PV system and made aware of all relevant details regarding ongoing Climateshield Solar monitoring, maintenance and support.